Audio Production

Post production & sound engineering in Vancouver for games, apps & film for brands like Audi, Huawei & Universal, Music production in Vancouver & composition…


Neumann mics through UA tube preamps, RME Interface. Multi language voice work & film foley, Classic synthesizers, Pro Tools, Nuendo  

Sound Design

Expert in sound design in Vancouver for every project from computer games & mobile apps to real Boeing flight simulators, to full feature films &…

Dubbing & Localisation

We offer full service dubbing in Vancouver and localisation for Games, Film and TV in most languages including Cantonese dubbing. From casting to video layback,…

Top Quality Dubbing in Vancouver | Cantonese Dubbing

We have worked with:
We have worked with: Universal, Netflix, BBC, Marvel, Discovery, HSBC, Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Mercedes Benz, Geely China, Siemens, HP, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Byte Dance China, Zuoyebang China, Mattel, Localsoft, Detol China

Welcome to Pro Soul Studios! We are a Vancouver based recording and production studio, having over 15 years of extensive experience in servicing top brands in Game, Film and the music industry. Our talented team crafts original music and sound for feature films, Ads, TV series, games, and more.

By leveraging cutting-edge tools & technology, we help brands improve their reputation by providing top-quality sound design, production, and engineering services. We can also help you choose the right voice dubbing artist in Vancouver from our talent pool who assist in accurately convey the meaning of your production to the target audience.

Whether you need post-production services, sound engineering in Vancouver, sound design and mixing, dubbing in Vancouver, or anything in between, we accommodate all your music and sound production needs in one place. We create an environment where creativity, innovation and hard work integrate to produce results top brands rely on!

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Pro Soul is the professional complete-solution service provider for top quality professional: Cantonese dubbing, music production Vancouver, audio production Vancouver, sound engineering Vancouver, audio engineering Vancouver, sound design Vancouver, sound mixing Vancouver, & dubbing Vancouver services.

If you are not sure whether we can provide something for you or if you have any questions related to sound design in Vancouver or any other music post-production work, please contact us at 1-604-619-2543 or email at We will do our best to address all your concerns regarding the selection of dubbing artist in Vancouver, Music Licensing and Sync Solutions.