EDM Hits China with Guetta at the great wall

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Date 15 May 2013

Last Saturday, EDM hit China in a big way with the largest electronic music festival of it’s kind, featuring David Guetta at an epic location,  the great wall of China in Beijing.

This was an exciting event not only because of the music, but the sold out show of 10,000 featured over 50% Chinese most of which have never been to anything like this or even heard Electronic Dance Music before. you can bet they are now fans and want more.
We were there and by the response, EDM has a bright future in China!

We met with some people from the company putting on the event, and during a KTV party that lasted until 3am, it became clear that if anyone was going to do it, These guys will be the ones to bring EDM to China in a big way primarily due to important government connections necessary to allow this kind of festival, especially at the great wall. They have even created a Chinese facebook tingdong.cn with English and Chinese language support to assist with their efforts. And were doing our part, producing some of the first professional original EDM in Chinese, coming soon!

Check out some of our personal videos and photos as well as this feature in English by China’s largest TV Network, CCTV:


Electronic music festival featuring David Guetta at the great wall of China, Beijing!


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